Ockham's Razor: a novel

Micah doesn't like how his Mormon faith pigeonholes his sexuality: that being "gay" is like being "hooked on a drug."  When he was little, he would lie in bed at night and imagine God giving out awards to all those gay spirits who saw past the ignorance of the Church, living their lives on Earth freely.  Micah figured he would just walk away from all things Mormon and never look back.  That is, until Brendan came along...

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cover art by Anne Cain


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news and extras

"Adolescence," (excerpt from Ockham's Razor) featured in the anthology Latter-Gay Saints (Lethe Press, 2013)!

"Two Paradigms for Gay," Sunstone Symposium, Salt Lake City, UT, August 2010.   I compared the themes and reception of Ockham's Razor to Jonathan Langford's novel, No Going Back, both young adult gay Mormon novels published in 2009.

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