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Ockham's Razor: a novel (2009) is a work of creative nonfiction that features a romance between two young gay Mormon men. It also fictionalizes my experiences in my early 20s as a nurse's aide at a detox center in Tacoma, Washington. The book wrestles with, as one reviewer writes, "choice and determinism, isolation and connection, absolutes and relativity, addiction and health, normality and perversity, lust and love."

When I have time, I would like to write another novel in the genre of queer SF or historical fantasy with transpacific themes.

short stories & fandom

Some not-safe-for-work creative and community-building projects of mine include a translation into German of the American yaoi webcomic Teahouse (2010–14) by Emirain, and a 4-part original erotic story "Korean Dude Gets His Wish" (2015).


Ogle:  The Return of Morcalavin (2008) is a 10-map single player add-on I created for Heretic II (1998, Raven Software). It is also available at Mod Database.

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